Changes in Blood Glucose Monitoring Technology - CGM is coming soon


According to the latest IDF data in 2021, there are currently more than 537 million diabetic patients in the world, and diabetes has become one of the main diseases that endanger human health in the world. However, there is currently no solution to completely cure diabetes. Only Correct blood sugar testing can only help diabetic patients improve their quality of life if they can keep abreast of blood sugar changes and perform technical measurements. Monitoring technology is constantly being updated.

After several generations of technical updates, the different testing method of blood glucose has been processed, from the process of the first-generation tester: the tedious process of the water-washing test, to the second-generation tester: the subtle progress of the blood-wiping tester. The volume change of the generation computing power is small, it still needs to be relatively convenient to use 10-15 blood samples, and it takes about 1 time to get the results. The colorimeter can directly use colorimetry, which is more convenient to use, easy to operate and convenient for the second-generation tester, and the results are accurate.

Continuous improvement in technology brings continuous improvement in the quality of life

Electrochemical technology has replaced the original colorimetric technology and has become the mainstream in this field. The electrochemical blood glucose meter uses the principle of detecting the current signal generated in the reaction process to reflect the blood glucose level. Compared with previous generations of blood glucose meters, electrochemical blood glucose meters have a small amount of blood and more accurate values. This generation of products includes blood glucose meters with carbon electrodes, such as the Safe Accu produced by China's blood glucose meter manufacturer giant Changsha Sinocare Inc., and blood glucose meters with more stable gold electrodes such as Roche’s ACCU CHECK and Gold AQ Plus from Changsha Sinocare Inc.

The latest blood glucose monitor - Blood Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) will be released soon

The new generation of blood glucose meters sounds complicated, but they are actually easy to understand. CGM blood glucose meter only needs to scan, blood sugar can be understood, bid farewell to the era of blood collection needles. However, due to the collection of blood glucose dynamic changes in diabetic patients, a monitoring tool for blood glucose atlas is made, continuous blood glucose monitoring is a new method independent of traditional blood glucose detection by implanting glucose sensors to monitor the glucose concentration of subcutaneous tissue fluid in real time. At present, the more mature products on the market include Abbott FreeStyle Libre, Dexcom G6, and many blood glucose meter manufacturers are developing upcoming CGM products such as CGM products from Changsha Sinocare Inc.

With the continuous updating of science and technology, blood glucose testing technology will also better serve diabetic patients. I believe that one day in the future, through continuous human efforts, we can overcome diabetes.

Source: 2021 IDF Global Diabetes Map idiabetes

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